Caring for your carpet

Caring for your new carpet

So you have your gorgeous new carpet installed, now you are wondering how you go about keeping it looking so good?

You can maintain the appearance and the life of your carpet with the proper care which involves:

  • At least once weekly thorough vacuum using a vacuum with a rotating power head with its own motor.
  • Promptly attending to spills and stains
  • Never rubbing, brushing or massaging the carpe t pile, especially when wet or damp.
  • When necessary have a professional steam clean – we can highly recommend Malcolm from Willow Road Cleaning Services 0415-592-892


  • Scoop up solids from carpet
  • Blot up liquids by applying pressure with white paper towels or tissues
  • Before treating the stain, test treatments on an inconspicuous part of the carpet for possible colour change
  • With a blotting or dabbing motion, work inwards from the edge of the stain to prevent it from spreading
  • Do not rub carpet pile during the stain removal or rinsing stages