Wall Vinyl

Why not think outside the box and create different looks and textures on your walls using quality vinyl. Perfect for feature walls, kitchen splash backs or break out areas.

Here at allfloors, we have talented installers who can create that something special for your next project.

Make an appointment to come into our showroom and see examples of just how stunning wall vinyl can be.

A stunning vinyl feature wall using Kenbrock Pinnacle and installed by allfloors (May 2017)

A stunning vinyl feature wall using Kenbrock Pinnacle and installed by allfloors (May 2017)

Image above was taken on a Commercial job we did in Spencer Street, Melbourne and is a great example of using vinyl to create a feature wall in a commercial environment.

Image above was taken on a Commercial job we did in Spencer Street, Melbourne and is a great example of using vinyl to create a feature wall in a commercial environment.

The images above are of our showroom where we have installed a selection of different wall vinyls to show you how you can create different feature walls in your home, business or office. 

Stair Runners

A great way to turn your staircase into a feature.

Stair runners can be made using the same carpet as the rest of your house or by using a pattern or feature carpet to really highlight the area.

Binding can be a discreet hidden edging or a feature using a thick fabric in a contrasting colour.

You choose your carpet and binding and we then send this to the rug binders for you to get made into a runner. Once ready we send our installer out to fit it for you.

So make an appointment to see Jodie to discuss making the perfect stair runner for your house.

Stair Runner.jpg

Choosing the right Vacuum Cleaner

Using the correct Vacuum is essential to keeping your carpet looking like new.

It is absolutely vital that a vacuum cleaner with a power head is used for all plush pile carpets, without this the vacuum will not be sufficient to: (a) remove the loose dirt that has made its way into the pile (b) bring the cut pile back to its upright position. The preferred type are the upright models such as a Dyson, Karcher and it must have a separate motor driving the turbo head as opposed to the suction based types.

The ducted vacuum systems without a power head attachment will not work under any circumstances, most ducted vacuum cleaner suppliers offer turbo head attachments, however  these do not have a separate motor to drive the power head, they rely totally on the suction to function. If the motor in the system is not strong enough it will not provide sufficient power to the attachment to function adequately .

We have formed the view that it is not worth going to the expense of purchasing the top of the range in these systems and then purchasing an attachment which is still only power driven. We advise our clients to use the ducted system for the hard floors and purchase a decent vacuum cleaner such as a Dyson or Karcher with a power head driven by separate motor, not suction driven for their carpet areas. These are approximately  $700 – $800 which is far less than you  would  spend on an upgraded ducted system and an attachment.

Vacuum Cleaner.jpg

Caring for your new carpet

So you have your gorgeous new carpet installed, now you are wondering how you go about keeping it looking so good?

You can maintain the appearance and the life of your carpet with the proper care which involves:

  • At least once weekly thorough vacuum using a vacuum with a rotating power head with its own motor.
  • Promptly attending to spills and stains
  • Never rubbing, brushing or massaging the carpe t pile, especially when wet or damp.
  • When necessary have a professional steam clean – we can highly recommend Malcolm from Willow Road Cleaning Services 0415-592-892


  • Scoop up solids from carpet
  • Blot up liquids by applying pressure with white paper towels or tissues
  • Before treating the stain, test treatments on an inconspicuous part of the carpet for possible colour change
  • With a blotting or dabbing motion, work inwards from the edge of the stain to prevent it from spreading
  • Do not rub carpet pile during the stain removal or rinsing stages

Permanent Pile Reversal Shading

What is permanent pile reversal shading?

All cut pile carpets, particularly ‘plush pile’ carpet may develop lighter or darker patches over time.

Known as ‘shading’ or ‘watermarking’ it is caused by the permanent bending of the carpet pile fibres which then reflect he light differently. In this respect it is very comparable to other natural fibres such as velvet or suede.

The extent to which shading occurs cannot be accurately predicated or prevented and is most often related to the location of use. Brushing, vacuuming or shampooing does not reduce shading.

Shading does not affect the wear or durability of the carpet and is not recognised as a manufacturing flaw or defect nor is it covered by any manufacturing warranties.

*Source Cavalier Bremworth warranty and maintenance guide

Merino Wool Carpet by Feltex

Carpet wool is generally derived from sheep breeds that produce a tougher wool however Feltex have released the Merino Collection of carpets. Merino sheep produce what is regarded as the softest and finest wool in existence.  To create this unique new range of soft yet resilient carpet, Feltex have combined the softness of Merino wool which has been sourced from the New Zealand Merino Company with the natural resilience of standard wool.

This high quality wool carpet is warm, soft and luxurious with natural durable qualities. Available in six earthy colour tones reminiscent of the New Zealand High Country and in plush (Merino - Tranquil), loop (Merino - Elements) and twist (Merino - Heritage) textures this is a beautiful new range which will add a touch of luxury to any home.

Now available at allfloors Carpet Gallery.

        Feltex - Merino Elements               Feltex - Merino Tranquil                   Feltex - Merino Heritage

        Feltex - Merino Elements               Feltex - Merino Tranquil                   Feltex - Merino Heritage